Rails Application vs AXIS Web Service(API)

Steven Kukuzi wrote:


I want to integrate my Rails application with another web application that has a Web services - AXIS. is there anyone who has an idea how to do this?

Thank you

There is two options I know of:

Option 1:

[sudo] gem install actionwebservice

This will install the old SOAP web service support that was pulled from Rails core at version 1.2.6. I have no idea if this still works with the latest Rails versions.

Option 2:

My guess is that this will work better. From what I can tell this is basically Option 1 updated for Rails 2.2.2 and appears to be under active development unlike the stuff pulled from Rails core when they sanely decided that REST is the future of web services. The "rest" of the world, unfortunately, hasn't realized this yet.

Note: I've not used either one of these myself, but I do have significant experience with SOAP services in the Java world, which is also seriously unfortunate.