Rails Angular

Hello everyone,

I am moving to Ruby in rails , i have an interview creating a simple app With Ruby on rails Angular.

Do you guys have some resources for that. i will thankful for that.

Best regards,


Define a simple app? You can actually get a interview after developing a simple app.
That’s awesome.

Here is one…


You can start with the webpacker helpers https://github.com/rails/webpacker#angular-with-typescript

CRUD APP with login system thats all

is there something with Angular 2

Wow, too easy.

this is for an interview… if you don’t know how to use Angular 2, or even find the docs, maybe this isn’t the job for you?


seriously though google rails angular. there are literally thousands of resources. This is really showing a lack of respect for other’s time when you won’t even google it yourself

Thank you for your time ,much appreciated