Rails and OpenBSD

Anyone have any tricks to getting rails running on OpenBSD? I started off installing Ruby 2.7.1, Ruby27-sqlite3, npm install -g yarn and gem install rails (with user install). Rails server would run with the default install, but would throw errors as soon as I added a route. It seems like core-js doesn’t install correctly. I’m just trying to work through the tutorial, but I can’t even get the “Hello Rails!” to work. When I add a route, rails server will start but it cannot find module @rails/webpacker. The page reports : “Webpacker::Manifest::MissingEntryError in Welcome#index”



I’ve had good luck using rvm, had to copy the netbsd configuration to openbsd, but was fine after that. Let me know if you have further problems.

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Thanks. I’ll give that a try. FYI: I’m still thinking part of the problem is core-js isn’t compiling right from yarn (I can install it separately with npm). This is the core-js error I’m seeing:

error /ror_tutorial/blog2/node_modules/core-js: Command failed.

Exit code: 127

Command: node -e “try{require(’./postinstall’)}catch(e){}” Arguments:

Output: /tmp/yarn–1596918450308-0.707326908109972/node[3]: /tmp/yarn–1596918450308-0.707326908109972/…/node: not found

Output: /tmp/yarn–1596918450308-0.707326908109972/node[3]: /tmp/yarn–1596918450308-0.707326908109972/…/node: not found

Did you install node from nvm? I could get into your system and install node for you if you haven’t. Let me know? – H

Hello i have the same issue, did you succeded?