Rails Admin Site missing Index file - Advice Needed Please

Hi There,

I’m hoping you guys can help me out. I have recently developed an iphone location based app and unfortunately the developer went off the rails towards the end (yea pun intended lol) and when we were handed over all the files for the app and admin site there was a number of things missing.

Basically the app doesn’t work but we are trying to fix that and the admin website built to integrate with the
app was built using rails.

I had someone install the admin site onto Amazon but after trying for some time he told me that unfortunately
the index file was missing and that I needed to get from the developer.
That’s not possible as he has refused to help in any way.

There’s not necessarily any index.html file at all in a rails app. Is the person that installed it onto amazon (do they mean EC2?) someone well versed with rails apps and how to deploy them

Now I don’t know anything about rails but I know if this was wordpress, a missing index.html file would be no problem at all.

I don’t know if that is the case with rails.

was hoping you may be able to tell me what my options are as far as getting the admin site up and running without the original index file and if it is possible?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated and if you require any further detail please let me know.

you in advance for your assistance with this as we are lost and out of pocket thousands of dollars and just trying to pick up the pieces of what turned into a nightmare project.

Here are some screen shots of the site admin and an error message that may help you to tell us what we can do in this situation.

The error message is very generic - it could be anything from a syntax error in a file to an inability to connect to the database or a missing library. The application log files (the folder the app is in should have a folder called log) will normally supply more detailed information. If the app is being served through apache then the apache log files are also worth looking at.