Rails Admin Site missing Index file - Advice Needed Please

Hi There,

I'm hoping you guys can help me out. I have recently developed an iphone location based app and unfortunately the developer went off the rails towards the end (yea pun intended lol) and when we were handed over all the files for the app and admin site there was a number of things missing.

Basically the app doesn't work but we are trying to fix that and the admin website built to integrate with the app was built using rails.

I had someone install the admin site onto Amazon but after trying for some time he told me that unfortunately the index file was missing and that I needed to get from the developer. That's not possible as he has refused to help in any way.

Now I don't know anything about rails but I know if this was wordpress, a missing index.html file would be no problem at all.

I don't know if that is the case with rails.

A Rails application that has an index.html will show that index page when the site is requested without any path information, just like a normal static site. Most Rails sites do not have an index page, but rather designate one "route" to be the :root path. If there was anything dynamic on the home page of your site, then likely that is the case.

If you are hearing from your tech person that the site won't run without an index page, then perhaps that tech person has never deployed a Rails app before. There are lots of different ways to do that, the easiest one I have found is to install the Passenger (mod_rails) module in Apache, and follow the simple directions to get your Apache virtual host to pass that site over to Rails.

Now the error messages you are seeing tell me that that's not the problem at all -- you are getting Rails to run well enough to show an error message, which is positive. Ask your tech person to shell into the server and issue the command

  tail -f /path/to/rails/project/log/production.log

Then restart the Web server and try to visit the site. The logs will tell you in excruciating detail what exactly is going wrong.