Rails 7. Start Kit. I'm looking for ideas and feedback


About 3 weeks ago, after 5 years pause I’m back to rails ecosystem to learn new things and recent changes.

I’ve done my simple setup and playground with using docker. I’ve installed and set up some known things to me like Redis, Sidekiq, Cron jobs and some other. From very beginning to chose gems to install I relied on Ruby toolbox statistic and count of downloads.

My friends from a local ruby chat told me, that choosing gems and tools to install based on an amount of downloads is not a best thing. Some modern and great tools does not have so much downloads as well as old outdated tools. I was recommended to collect opinions on different resources.

Request about help

If you have an opinion or a vision about what modern and great gems or tools must be included to a modern Rails 7 application as must-have things, could you please to share it. It could help me and my small project to focus on modern tools to learn and investigate how to install and use it.

Thank you a lot!

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Hey Ilya, welcome!

There was a recent blog post about this, maybe you find it useful:

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Hey @zzak Thank you a lot! This post was written by a member of our local community and I’ve checked it right after it was published. Vladimir did a great job here. It is right! We already discussed some parts of it and found good things to learn / do.

I’m just trying to extend my area for research and get more opinions and good ideas from outside. One more time thank you a lot!