Rails 7.1.0.rc1 logging changes

I’d like to write a proper issue/PR but I’m not sure how to debug further regarding logging changes.

Logs worked fine in 7.1.0.beta1 but in 7.1.0.rc1 I no longer have most logs in stdout, only in development.log. I only have Started PATCH… and similar in stdout, but nothing about request params or activerecord, or anything. It is in development.log though.

I tried creating a fresh rails app with a generator, and the logs showing in stdout there, as expected. I’ve looked at app and environment configs and can’t see any diff there. I’ve put a debugger inside LogSubscriber but it looks the same for both apps. So I’m not sure what’s going on and how to debug it further :thinking:

Here’s the app: GitHub - miharekar/decent-visualizer at broken-logs

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I got the same issue on rc1.

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It’s been acknowledged by the author of the change and he’s looking into it.

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