Rails 3 queries

I have the following models:

class Recipe < ActiveRecord::Base
  has_many :ingredient_amounts
  has_many :ingredients, :through => :ingredient_amounts

class Ingredient < ActiveRecord::Base
  def self.named_like(name)
    where('ingredients.name ILIKE ?', "%#{name}%")

How do I query for all the recipes that include the ingredients
"chips" and "gravy".

I've tried:

Recipe.joins(:ingredients) & Ingredient.named_like("chips") &

but that gives me recipes that include ingredients with names that
include both "chips" and "gravy" (e.g. named "gravy chips" or "spicy
chips with gravy", etc)

Thanks in advance,

So I can achieve the desired behavior with the latest Arel:

  ingredients = Ingredient.arel_table

%", "%gravy%"))

Is this the cleanest way?

Not sure how I deluded my self into believing that worked, but it

I still can't figure out how to build this query.

Either Google doesn't want to be my friend or I'm asking the wrong
question. Does anyone know of any blogs/tutorials that cover Rails 3
has_many :through queries?