Rails 3 - Creating a JSON response to display Search Results

Hello, I'm working to have Rails 3 respond with a JSON request which
will then let the app output the search results with the jQuery
template plugin...

For the plugin to work, it needs this type of structure:

     { title: "The Red Violin", url: "/adadad/123/ads", desc: "blah
yada" },
     { title: "Eyes Wide Shut", url: "/adadad/123/ads", desc: "blah
yada" },
     { title: "The Inheritance", url: "/adadad/123/ads", desc: "blah
yada" }

In my Rails 3 controller, I'm getting the search results which come
back as @searchresults, which contain either 0 , 1 , or more objects
from the class searched.

My question is how to convert that to the above structure (JSON)...

Thank you!

... The front-end search page will need to work for multiple models
which have different db columns. That's why I'd like to learn how to
convert that to the above to normalize the results, and send back to
the user.

Something like this should work: http://gist.github.com/648637

We are using a similar concept in our main application, but much more complex (generating tree structures out of complex node relationships). This is a basic implementation, but you can easily make it do more and yet all functionality is nicely encapsulated.

Hope this helps.

Best regards

Peter De Berdt