Rails 3.2.9.rc3 has been released

Hi everyone,

Rails 3.2.9.rc3 has been released. If no regressions are found I will release 3.2.9 final this Monday 12th. If you find a regression open an issue on github and mention me on it, mail me or tweet me, whatever but let me know :).

## CHANGES since 3.2.9.rc2

*Action Mailer*

* No changes

*Action Pack*

* Lock sprockets to 2.2.x     REASON: We had some pending fixes in sprockets and sass-rails to make possible to use sprockets version > 2.2. We will do a more conservative sprockets upgrade for this release.     In a next release we can relax the dependency again.     See #8099 for more information.

    *Guillermo Iguaran*

* Clear url helpers when reloading routes.

    *Santiago Pastorino*

* Revert the shorthand routes scoped with `:module` option fix     This added a regression since it is changing the URL mapping.     This makes the stable release backward compatible.

    *Rafael Mendonça França*

*Active Model*

* No changes

*Active Record*

* No changes

*Active Resource*

* No changes

*Active Support*

* No changes


* Revert "Respect children paths filter settings"     This reverts commit 53778ec2d716f860646fd43957fd53c8db4da2fe.     Closes #8146

    *Santiago Pastorino*

## SHA-1

* e830dbe5d93f6ea6ed8e32ac75e5c5a5dd4bd0fa actionmailer-3.2.9.rc3.gem * f50456d082164447d149540a144515877cd714b2 actionpack-3.2.9.rc3.gem * 60eca0f399779799e8ea7a8be6b68f3101fe5fe4 activemodel-3.2.9.rc3.gem * 0cfec8581690d4a6072c686464ddd66e80ac094e activerecord-3.2.9.rc3.gem * 5414975de41a1dfbb6dbd9cd74b53969c63f2e96 activeresource-3.2.9.rc3.gem * e67293cf746f315cc631155c28d3891a3532bb74 activesupport-3.2.9.rc3.gem * 8e62b4db1249024bbb1ea3a87fee701a0cfa5674 rails-3.2.9.rc3.gem * 6b4365046903bcd60c99f81bd48cccd1b3faae39 railties-3.2.9.rc3.gem

You can find a list of changes between v3.2.9.rc2 and v3.2.9.rc3 [here](Comparing v3.2.9.rc2...v3.2.9.rc3 · rails/rails · GitHub) and an exhaustive list of changes since v3.2.8 [here](Comparing v3.2.8...v3.2.9.rc3 · rails/rails · GitHub).

Thanks to everyone!