Rails 3.2.9 has been released!!!

Hi everyone,

Rails 3.2.9 has been released without new changes since 3.2.9.rc3.


A DoS attack was recently found in Ruby that uses specially-crafted
input to dramatically reduce the performance of hashes, thus using up
lots of CPU time. Rails applications may be vulnerable to an attacker
sending a specially-crafted HTTP request to exploit this.

A good way to limit the effectiveness of such attacks is to configure
your frontend servers to limit the size of the HTTP request line,
headers and body. Nginx does this by default. Apache can be configured
to do this by setting the LimitRequestBody directive.

In addition, all Ruby 1.9 users are recommended to upgrade to
[ruby-1.9.3 patchlevel
to get this security fix.

## CHANGES since 3.2.8

*Action Mailer*

* Do not render views when mail() isn't called.
  Fix #7761

  *Yves Senn*

*Action Pack*

* Lock sprockets to 2.2.x
    REASON: We had some pending fixes in sprockets and sass-rails to
make possible to use sprockets version > 2.2. We will do a more
conservative sprockets upgrade for this release.
    In a next release we can relax the dependency again.
    See #8099 for more information.

    *Guillermo Iguaran*

* Clear url helpers when reloading routes.

    *Santiago Pastorino*

* Revert the shorthand routes scoped with `:module` option fix
    This added a regression since it is changing the URL mapping.
    This makes the stable release backward compatible.

    *Rafael Mendonça França*

* Revert the `assert_template` fix to not pass with ever string that
matches the template name.
    This added a regression since people were relying on this buggy behavior.
    This will introduce back #3849 but this stable release will be
backward compatible.
    Fixes #8068.

    *Rafael Mendonça França*

* Revert the rename of internal variable on
ActionController::TemplateAssertions to prevent
    naming collisions. This added a regression related with
shoulda-matchers, since it is
    expecting the [instance variable
    This will introduce back #7459 but this stable release will be
backward compatible.
    Fixes #8068.

    *Rafael Mendonça França*

* Accept :remote as symbolic option for `link_to` helper. *Riley Lynch*

* Warn when the `:locals` option is passed to `assert_template`
outside of a view test case
    Fix #3415

    *Yves Senn*

* Rename internal variables on ActionController::TemplateAssertions to prevent
    naming collisions. @partials, @templates and @layouts are now
prefixed with an underscore.
    Fix #7459

    *Yves Senn*

* `resource` and `resources` don't modify the passed options hash
    Fix #7777

    *Yves Senn*

* Precompiled assets include aliases from foo.js to foo/index.js and
vice versa.

        # Precompiles phone-<digest>.css and aliases phone/index.css
to phone.css.
        config.assets.precompile = [ 'phone.css' ]

        # Precompiles phone/index-<digest>.css and aliases phone.css
to phone/index.css.
        config.assets.precompile = [ 'phone/index.css' ]

        # Both of these work with either precompile thanks to their aliases.
        <%= stylesheet_link_tag 'phone', media: 'all' %>
        <%= stylesheet_link_tag 'phone/index', media: 'all' %>

    *Jeremy Kemper*

* `assert_template` is no more passing with what ever string that matches
    with the template name.

    Before when we have a template `/layout/hello.html.erb`, `assert_template`
    was passing with any string that matches. This behavior allowed false
    positive like:

        assert_template "layout"
        assert_template "out/hello"

    Now it only passes with:

        assert_template "layout/hello"
        assert_template "hello"

    Fixes #3849.


* Handle `ActionDispatch::Http::UploadedFile` like
`Rack::Test::UploadedFile`, don't call to_param on it. Since
    `Rack::Test::UploadedFile` isn't API compatible this is needed to
test file uploads that rely on `tempfile`
    being available.

    *Tim Vandecasteele*

* Fixed a bug with shorthand routes scoped with the `:module` option not
    adding the module to the controller as described in issue #6497.
    This should now work properly:

        scope :module => "engine" do
          get "api/version" # routes to engine/api#version

    *Luiz Felipe Garcia Pereira*

* Respect `config.digest = false` for `asset_path`

    Previously, the `asset_path` internals only respected the `:digest`
    option, but ignored the global config setting. This meant that
    `config.digest = false` could not be used in conjunction with
    `config.compile = false` this corrects the behavior.

    *Peter Wagenet*

* Fix #7646, the log now displays the correct status code when an
exception is raised.

    *Yves Senn*

* Fix handling of date selects when using both disabled and discard options.
    Fixes #7431.

    *Vasiliy Ermolovich*

* Fix select_tag when option_tags is nil.
    Fixes #7404.

    *Sandeep Ravichandran*

* `javascript_include_tag :all` will now not include
`application.js` if the file does not exists. *Prem Sichanugrist*

* Support cookie jar options (e.g., domain :all) for all session stores.
    Fixes GH#3047, GH#2483.

    *Ravil Bayramgalin*

* Performance Improvement to send_file: Avoid having to pass an open
file handle as the response body. Rack::Sendfile
    will usually intercept the response and just uses the path
directly, so no reason to open the file. This performance
    improvement also resolves an issue with jRuby encodings, and is
the reason for the backport, see issue #6844.

    *Jeremy Kemper & Erich Menge*

*Active Model*

* Due to a change in builder, nil values and empty strings now generates
    closed tags, so instead of this:

        <pseudonyms nil=\"true\"></pseudonyms>

    It generates this:

        <pseudonyms nil=\"true\"/>

    *Carlos Antonio da Silva*

*Active Record*

* Fix issue with collection associations calling first(n)/last(n)
and attempting
    to set the inverse association when `:inverse_of` was used. Fixes #8087.

    *Carlos Antonio da Silva*

* Fix ActiveRecord#update_column return value.


* Fix bug when Column is trying to type cast boolean values to integer.
    Fixes #8067.

    *Rafael Mendonça França*

* Fix bug where `rake db:test:prepare` tries to load the
structure.sql into development database.
    Fixes #8032.

    *Grace Liu + Rafael Mendonça França*

* Fixed support for `DATABASE_URL` environment variable for rake db
tasks. *Grace Liu*

* Fix bug where `update_columns` and `update_column` would not let
you update the primary key column.

    *Henrik Nyh*

* Decode URI encoded attributes on database connection URLs.

    *Shawn Veader*

* Fix AR#dup to nullify the validation errors in the dup'ed object.
Previously the original
    and the dup'ed object shared the same errors.

    * Christian Seiler*

* Synchronize around deleting from the reserved connections hash.
    Fixes #7955

* PostgreSQL adapter correctly fetches default values when using
    multiple schemas and domains in a db. Fixes #7914

    *Arturo Pie*

* Fix deprecation notice when loading a collection association that
    selects columns from other tables, if a new record was previously
    built using that association.

    *Ernie Miller*

* The postgres adapter now supports tables with capital letters.
    Fix #5920

    *Yves Senn*

* `CollectionAssociation#count` returns `0` without querying if the
    parent record is not persisted.


        # SELECT COUNT(*) FROM "pets" WHERE "pets"."person_id" IS NULL
        # => 0


        # fires without sql query
        # => 0

    *Francesco Rodriguez*

* Fix `reset_counters` crashing on `has_many :through` associations.
    Fix #7822.


* ConnectionPool recognizes checkout_timeout spec key as taking
    precedence over legacy wait_timeout spec key, can be used to avoid
    conflict with mysql2 use of wait_timeout. Closes #7684.


* Rename field_changed? to _field_changed? so that users can create
a field named field

    *Akira Matsuda*, backported by *Steve Klabnik*

* Fix creation of through association models when using `collection=[]`
    on a `has_many :through` association from an unsaved model.
    Fix #7661.

    *Ernie Miller*

* Explain only normal CRUD sql (select / update / insert / delete).
    Fix problem that explains unexplainable sql. Closes #7544 #6458.


* Backport test coverage to ensure that PostgreSQL auto-reconnect
    remains healthy.

    *Steve Jorgensen*

* Use config['encoding'] instead of config['charset'] when executing
    databases.rake in the mysql/mysql2. A correct option for a database.yml
    is 'encoding'.


* Fix ConnectionAdapters::Column.type_cast_code integer conversion,
    to always convert values to integer calling #to_i. Fixes #7509.

    *Thiago Pradi*

* Fix time column type casting for invalid time string values to
correctly return nil.

    *Adam Meehan*

* Fix `becomes` when using a configured `inheritance_column`.

    *Yves Senn*

* Fix `reset_counters` when there are multiple `belongs_to`
association with the
    same foreign key and one of them have a counter cache.
    Fixes #5200.

    *Dave Desrochers*

* Round usec when comparing timestamp attributes in the dirty tracking.
    Fixes #6975.


* Use inversed parent for first and last child of has_many association.

    *Ravil Bayramgalin*

* Fix Column.microseconds and Column.fast_string_to_date to avoid converting
    timestamp seconds to a float, since it occasionally results in inaccuracies
    with microsecond-precision times. Fixes #7352.

    *Ari Pollak*

* Fix `increment!`, `decrement!`, `toggle!` that was skipping callbacks.
    Fixes #7306.

    *Rafael Mendonça França*

* Fix AR#create to return an unsaved record when AR::RecordInvalid is
    raised. Fixes #3217.

    *Dave Yeu*

* Remove unnecessary transaction when assigning has_one associations
with a nil or equal value.
    Fix #7191.


* Allow store to work with an empty column.
    Fix #4840.

    *Jeremy Walker*

* Remove prepared statement from system query in postgresql adapter.
    Fix #5872.

    *Ivan Evtuhovich*

* Make sure `:environment` task is executed before `db:schema:load`
or `db:structure:load`
    Fixes #4772.

    *Seamus Abshere*

*Active Resource*

* No changes

*Active Support*

* Add logger.push_tags and .pop_tags to complement logger.tagged:

        class Job
          def before
            Rails.logger.push_tags :jobs, self.class.name

          def after
            Rails.logger.pop_tags 2

    *Jeremy Kemper*

* Add %:z and %::z format string support to
ActiveSupport::TimeWithZone#strftime. [fixes #6962] *kennyj*


* Revert "Respect children paths filter settings"
    This reverts commit 53778ec2d716f860646fd43957fd53c8db4da2fe.
    Closes #8146

    *Santiago Pastorino*

* Don't eager-load app/assets and app/views *Elia Schito*

* Update supported ruby versions error message in
ruby_version_check.rb *Lihan Li*

## SHA-1

* 0b460ffdac39cee7f3321bb430e212c2a42b5dec actionmailer-3.2.9.gem
* 8c3657514132ae21d2da2abcad896d8f37c4f1ca actionpack-3.2.9.gem
* 3e95d49bca396663d0cc4e94056f2d4e20923200 activemodel-3.2.9.gem
* 92f9f3aad6ae63786cc916baedda46801b423aab activerecord-3.2.9.gem
* fff833587b753eb0d17e7102f635e769138113f5 activeresource-3.2.9.gem
* 0989647ca08bb01bf3ab9490ea9b623f4deb065d activesupport-3.2.9.gem
* b2172077c391721bc008723fec92c986c6881e62 rails-3.2.9.gem
* bd3e0418546e142cf6afb7fc0e0240545ec96e5c railties-3.2.9.gem

You can find a list of changes between v3.2.8 and v3.2.9

Thanks to everyone!