Rails 3.2.8.rc2 has been released

Hi everyone,

Rails 3.2.8.rc2 has been released. If no regressions are found we will release 3.2.8 final around Wednesday 8th.


We are removing all the deprecation warnings that we introduced in 3.2.x. We have decided to stop introducing API deprecations in all point releases going forward. From now on, it'll only happen in majors/minors.

## CHANGES since 3.2.8.rc1


* No changes


* html_escape should escape single quotes. *Santiago Pastorino*


* No changes


* Do not set RAILS_ENV to "development" when using `db:test:prepare` and related rake tasks.     This was causing the truncation of the development database data when using RSpec.     In RC2 was fixed again when using config.active_record.schema_format = :sql     *Rafael Mendonça França*

* Do not consider the numeric attribute as changed if the old value is zero and the new value is not a string. Fixes #7237. *Rafael Mendonça França*


* No changes


* Fix ActiveSupport integration with Mocha > 0.12.1. *Mike Gunderloy*


* ERB scaffold generator use the `:data => { :confirm => "Text" }` syntax instead of `:confirm`. *Rafael Mendonça França*

## SHA-1

* 351b13c792517534b68df02f550cfc335c8d3f5f actionmailer-3.2.8.rc2.gem * 0b0f92bb3f2fad426f3b9c0849e5f5457c029586 actionpack-3.2.8.rc2.gem * c19868c2f4fc20ebf20c1a27c89a65b80592b6e6 activemodel-3.2.8.rc2.gem * 9d247e14feb6d453aded4ba9edc8bae1cf940891 activerecord-3.2.8.rc2.gem * 7db76b428fdec2aeea190773d5daea139c7732ba activeresource-3.2.8.rc2.gem * b93d62722c854fde8acda511f53481c4f3ceeaf2 activesupport-3.2.8.rc2.gem * 7fd2e2035469e89e17b3872d51968a5856d6ed8c rails-3.2.8.rc2.gem * bf685a73a55fd5ffa77c7c0160b2bec898fa15eb railties-3.2.8.rc2.gem

You can find a list of changes between v3.2.8.rc1 and v3.2.8.rc2 [here](Comparing v3.2.8.rc1...v3.2.8.rc2 · rails/rails · GitHub) and an exhaustive list of changes since v3.2.7 [here](Comparing v3.2.7...v3.2.8.rc2 · rails/rails · GitHub).

Please let us know if your test suites are fine with this release or not.

Thanks to everyone!

Our test suite (rspec/capybara+webkit/jasmine) which was broken by 3.2.7 is working perfectly in 3.2.8.rc2.

Thanks! –Daniel Evans

Does this mean that all deprecation warnings will appear in releases X.Y.0 and disappear in X.Y.1 ? I like this idea.

  • Alexey.

No. New deprecation warnings will only be added in X.Y.0, but the deprecated feature itself will not be removed until X.Z.0.

Rails 3.2.1 won’t add any deprecation warnings anymore, but 3.3 will. Currently, we expect to add deprecation warnings only on 4.0. If we decide to deprecate something, 4.0.x won’t have any warnings, but 4.1.0 will.