Rails 3.2.15.rc3 has been released!

Let's hope this is the last RC! Yay!

We fixed a bug in 3.2.14 which caused a regression. We tried to fix the
regression, but it caused more issues in the release candidate. So
we've reverted the bug fix from 3.2.14 until we can figure out a Better
Way (tm).

For now, here are the changes from 3.2.15.rc2 to 3.2.15.rc3:


And the changes from 3.2.14 to 3.2.15:


If we don't hit any more stumbling blocks, I'll release 3.2.15 on
Tuesday October 15th around 10am Aaron Time (which is PDT).

Thanks everyone, and Happy Friday!


Just an update, this rc seems fine, but I don't have my ducks in a row
for the release today. I'll push 3.2.15 tomorrow morning! :slight_smile: