Rails 3.0 beta not tagged on GitHub

Was going to check something in the source regarding the Rails 3 beta,
but it's not tagged on GitHub. Would be awesome if someone could push
the tag.


Generally release candidates are tagged, but the beta won't be. The
current state of the beta is what is in the github repository right

If you want to see what code you are running on your system, you can
checkout the unpacked gem, or you can run your test app using the
--dev option.


No. That’s the current state of edge Rails. The current state of the 3.0.0.beta is the code that was pushed to Gemcutter under the same version. I don’t see a reason why a gem release shouldn’t be tagged (beta, prerelease, RC or other).

For isntance, when a beta2 or RC1 comes out, people like me will want to diff to see what changed.

git diff --stat 3.0.0.beta…3.0.0_RC1

Without tags corresponding to releases, this operation becomes non-trivial.

Agreed, I can't see any reason why it *shouldn't* be tagged. It's not
like tags are a limited resource.



Little did you know, but tags are a non-renewable resource. We must conserve our tags or soon there will be none left!

In all seriousness, the tag is pushed :wink:

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