Rails 2.x books


I’m newbie in Rails development and I would like to know which books cover Rails 2.0.



Paulo - with rails moving so fast books can go out of date very quickly. Have you tried any screencasts?

Yes, I have few Peep Codes, but I need to watch…

I know, books go out of date very quickly, but, can I read a Rails 1.x book USING RAILS 2.x ? I think no, because there are many changes, I probably I wiil have problems, or at minimum, erros! :wink:

Suggestions? I would like to “start learning Rails 2.x”.



Run the gem server and read the docs.

`gem server`


I think you can go with The Rails Way book, =)

Good luck then.

I’ve read the preface of this book, and it seems to be a good choice :wink:

Who have read this book? May you share your opinions?


Paulo Cassiano.

I am reading "The Rails Way" now, and it is very good, but I do not know if I would recommend it as a 'beginner' book for Rails. Of course if you have your feet wet already, you are fairly fluent in Ruby, and have been through some introductory Rails material before, then I would highly recommend this book.