Rails 2 to 3 routes question

I had this app in rails 2.3 and had this route

map.resources :oker_training, :as => 'oker-training'

it did everything correctly, and displayed the url as "/oker-training". To get the same effect in rails 3, I had to do this

resources 'oker-training', :as => :oker_training, :controller => :oker_training.

My routes file is now 30% larger than before :frowning: Is there a cleaner way to write that?


(had to call it "oker" because it thought I was spamming. lol)

Give this a whirl:

resources :oker_training, :path => ‘/oker-training’

Tim Shaffer wrote in post #1019291:

Give this a whirl:

resources :oker_training, :path => '/oker-training'

wow... that worked, and I have no clue why I didn't try using path....

Thanks! Time to go clean up all of my routes files (yes, I have more than 1 >_< )