Rails 2 & Profiler

So the new profiler in Rails 2.0 looks great - except I can’t figure out how to use the damn thing with my application.

I have two unique things that might be preventing me from enjoying the profiler

  • My app requires a login

  • My app request a subdomain be present to function

Has anyone worked with profiler that can help me out here, or perhaps link me to a good write up on the subject? I googled around, searched technorati, etc - but nothing was there to be found. Documentation on this effort seems to be non-existent, and cracking the source isn’t helping me much either.

Someone point me in the right direction.

To follow up, with a little help from #rubyonrails I figured out that you need to use integration test commands to get it running. Armed with that information, I’ve gotten a little further, but not much. I’m now getting some error that looks like s UTF-8 problem…



The new request profiler is young and experimental still; thanks for
giving it a spin.

Write an integration script much like you would for integration tests.
Example: test/performance/authorize_user_and_redirect_back.rb

  host! 'foo.com'

  get '/admin/posts/1'
  raise unless path == '/login'

  post '/login', :username => 'john', :password => 'doe'
  raise unless path == '/admin/posts/1'

then run


and check out the generated html call graph.

The call graph is hard to interpret at first. We'll have to work with
the ruby-prof guys to improve that.


Thanks Jeremy for the help here and on IRC :slight_smile:

Anything that can be done to improve the readability of the graph would be really nice. As it is, I feel like I’m looking at a puzzle that I don’t yet know how to figure out…