Rails 2.3.X weird problem with Created On

Hey everyone... I've been out of the game for awhile so you're going to have to excuse the fact that it's Rails2.3

Currently the app is running 2.3.3, I just updated it to 2.3.11

An object is edited, and saved using the .save command and the SQL generated in the logs is as follows

UPDATE `calc_sheets` SET `is_us_connection` = 0, `holding_date_end` = '0001-02-11', `updated_on` = '2011-03-16 13:14:00', `extra_chars` = '' WHERE `id` = 657

however for some reason the created_on field is getting updated, and obviously shouldn't be. Is there some bug that I'm not aware of. I did some searching, looking and reading and nothing jumped out at me.

Any advice?

I realize this is out dated code, the app is fairly old, and the clients aren't ready to updated it... this "bug" however is causing all kinds of havoc.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

The SQL in the log shows no created_on right? Could the database itself have a trigger?

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What database? How is the table in question defined?

It sounds like what would happen if `created_on` were a MySQL TIMESTAMP field...