rails 2.3 test failure - is this all it takes?

Hi Rick, I would recommend following this tutorial for contributing fixes to the Rails project because Ryan Bates does

a wonderful job:


In this screenast, Ryan Bates walks through the entire process:

a) cloning rails

b) testing the part of the framework that you’re interested in (i.e. activesupport in your case) before fixing and/or enhancing

c) if (b) passes, then your fix isn’t necessary. Otherwise, continue to (d)

d) create a separate branch for you fix

e) create the relevant test by adding it to the relevant test file or creating a new one test file for it

f) execute the test file and it should produce the failure

g) edit the relevant source file

h) rerun the test from (e)

i) add documentation to the source file in (g)

j) commit the changes

k) perform a ‘git pull’ on the master branch

l) checkout your branch from (d)

m) add your changes to the last commit that was made by executing ‘git rebase master’

n) generate the patch

o) submit a ticket to lighthouse with a title, description, and relevant tags. Then attach your patch from (n) to the ticket and submit it.

Last but not least, the Rails core group can be found here:


Good luck,