My first contribution

Following Josh Susser’s presention at RailsConf on contributing to Rails Core, I was (still am) pretty fired up about doing my part. I managed to corner Josh at the on_exit reception and he suggested that for starters I find a ticket with a patch that didn’t include a test, and write a failing test case to prove the patch really does fix something. So I

  • found #7742 ( )
  • wrote a test
  • confirmed that my test failed
  • applied the original patch
  • confirmed that my test now passed
  • submitted a diff file that includes the original patch plus my test
  • added ‘test’ to the keywords
  • reopened the ticket
  • I think I’m now on the “patience” step of the process that Josh mentioned several times, so…

While I patiently wait for something to happen, I was hoping I could get an experienced contributer (or two) to look it over and reply here with a constructive critique of both my test, as well as my process (eg, was I not supposed to reopen the ticket?, was it appropriate for my test patch to include the original fix, or should I have kept them separate?, etc). I was torn on whether testing a single db adapter was sufficient, since the code being tested is db independent, but the method of testing is not. So, some feedback on that would be appreciated as well.