rails 2.3.2 ActiveResource fieldnames uncamelizing

I'm having some major issues with the new veresion of rails..

I have some activeresource models that connect to tables that don't
follow the rails naming conventions.. when i try to access an object
or hash via active resource it uncamelizes all the fieldnames / hash
keys (ie: CustomerID becomes customer_id).. using camelcase wasn't my
idea, but i have to deal with it.. it was working fine previously
under the old version.

i'm not sure if thsi is happening because of a new xml parser or
because of some new code in activesupport. i know there's a way to
swap in a different xml parser with the new version, but i'm not
really sure how.

also, previously i had the faster_from_xml plugin installed along with
libxml-ruby gem.. that broke on upgrading so i removed it and that's
where i am now..