RESTful posting

I'm implementing a Rails front end to a Windows system by using RESTful web services to send data back and forth. Luckyly all the business objects in the Windows system know how to serialize themselves into XML so it's not too complicated.

But when I looked at the XML that gets sent back to the service in a POST when you do a, all the fields that had underscores come across with hyphens in place, which is incredibly weird. Is this something ActiveResource is doing or is it something happening on the Windows side of things?


John Small

I've half solved my own problem.

ActiveResource#save uses #encode which uses ActiveResource#to_xml

The documentation for ActiveResource#to_xml states that :dasherize defaults to false. In fact in the code for Hash#to_xml, which it calls, it defaults to true. So #encode calls #to_xml with the default, hence all the underscores in field names on ActiveResources get converted into hyphens when you save the record.

I've logged a ticket on lighthouse and vendorized rails and made a temporary fix to the code for my own setup.

Question is, how come this massive error wasn't spotted? Well it is a show stopper if you're using ActiveResource to access non-Rails systems via REST, but I guess if you aren't you'd never run into the problem. Which to me implies there aren't many people using REST to do system integration between Rails and non-Rails systems.

Are there many people using REST to integrate with non-Rails systems? Comments please.