Rails 2.3.11 and carrierwave, can't find generator

I added carrierwave to a 2.3.11 app that I have updated with Bundler.
I just tried to use the following:
script/generate uploader Avatar

The following error is coming back:

NOTE: Gem.cache is deprecated, use Gem::source_index. It will be
removed on or after 2011-08-01.
Gem.cache called from /Library/Ruby/Gems/1.8/gems/rails-2.3.11/lib/
Couldn't find 'uploader' generator

I should be more clear and state that I am using carrierwave 0.4.10
which is supposed to work with Rails 2.x and is past the carrierwave
release that did have missing files. I built a blank Rails 3 app using
the 0.5x version and: rails g uploader Avatar command works in that
version. I think this might be a Rubygems or other sort of conflict??

You need to follow the instructions in their documentation for the version you are using. You’re trying to run version 0.5 commands on a 0.4 install.