Rails 2.0 ActionMailer breaks my redmine render_message

the last line is not accepted when running rails 2.0 => ERROR ActionView::ActionViewError (Due to changes in ActionMailer, you need to provide the mailer_name along with the template name.   render "user_mailer/signup"   render :file => "user_mailer/signup" If you are rendering a subtemplate, you must now use controller-like partial syntax:   render :partial => 'signup' # no mailer_name necessary)

I get the same error but I am not using redmine.

This is the function:    def signup_notification(user)      recipients user.email      from "From <user@address.com>"      subject 'Please activate your new account'      body :url => "activation_url", :user => user    end

If I add:     render "user_notifier/signup_notification" it returns:     can't convert Symbol into String

If I add     render :file => "user_notifier/signup_notification" it returns: Couldn't find template file for user_notifier/signup_notification in "/path/app/views/user_notifier"