Rails 1.2, RMagick and Depency Management


I'm trying to prepare a migration to Rails 1.2 for a Rails 1.0 application.

One problem, I found, is that the new depency mechanism seems to have a problem
with an included RMagick module (that is require RMagick, include Magick within
some helper or module).

The effects I find in development mode, is that everything is fine for the first
request after the server start but further requests fail due to missing methods
in model classes.

I tried to debug this in dependencies.rb and found, that in
remove_unloadable_constants! the array autoloaded_constants contains a lot of
names but the loop
autoloaded_constants.each { |const| log const; remove_constant const }
is executed only for the first few until some constant from RMagick is involved
(eg. CatromFilter).
I'm not sure what happens then, probably some exception is thrown and catched
somewhere else. The rest of the constants isn't removed in this case, which
leads to errors in the next request since some module classes aren't loaded

Is this supposed to be a bug on my side (since I shouldn't include a c module?)
or is that a bug in rails 1.2 ?

Any comments?