Radiant CMS 0.6.5 "Chisel" Release

Looks like it's time for another release of Radiant:


Radiant 0.6.5 "Chisel" represents a major leap forward for Radiant. Included
in the release are Rails 2.0.2 and RSpec 1.1.4. All test/unit tests are now
converted to RSpec specs. The extension-loading mechanism has also been
rewritten to resolve numerous issues with loading-order. There are also
tens of other small enhancements and bug-fixes from our community of

Primary Radiant development is now done on GitHub. You can follow the
progress at http://github.com/seancribbs/radiant. We will maintain a
Subversion mirror in the original location until feasible to move completely
to Git.


Radiant is a no-fluff content management system made for designers and
programmers and is ideal for use on small teams. It is similar to
Movable Type or Textpattern, but is much more than a blogging engine.

Radiant features:

* An elegant user interface
* The ability to arrange pages in a hierarchy
* Flexible templating with layouts, snippets, page parts, and a
custom tagging language (Radius: http://radius.rubyforge.org)
* A dynamic extension system
* A simple user management/permissions system
* Support for Markdown and Textile as well as traditional HTML
(it's easy to create other filters)
* Operates in two modes: dev and production depending on the URL
* A caching system which expires pages every 5 minutes
* Built using Ruby on Rails (which means that extending Radiant is
as easy as any other Rails application)
* Licensed under the MIT-License
* And much more...

There's even a live demo over on the project Web site:



* Convert StandardTags specs to nested describe blocks. [Sean Cribbs]
* Remove test/unit tests - all RSpec now. [Sean Cribbs]
* Fix radiant:update:javascripts task. [Sean Cribbs]
* Fix problem in test fixtures. [Adam Keyes]
* Add <r:meta /> tag and appropriate fields to pages table. [Sean Cribbs]
* Move admin-related javascripts to admin/. [Bjørn Arild Mæland]
* Add if_self and if_ancestor_or_self tags. [Marty Haught, Sean Cribbs]
* Rename created_by and updated_by columns on standard models. [Sean Cribbs]
* Fix Dir glob for extension rake tasks. [Sean Cribbs]
* Respect view_paths set by plugins in extensions. [xtoddx]
* Move extra initialization into after_initialize block. [Sean Cribbs]
* Notice area now fades away after 3 seconds. [Andrew O'Brien]
* <r:find /> now accepts paths relative to the current page. [Andrew O'Brien]
* Update RSpec and RSpec on Rails to r3333. [Josh French]
* Add autotest support for Radiant and extensions. [Josh French]
* Add pkg/ ignore to git, correct CSS problems with fieldset tables.
[Sean Cribbs]
* Ignore git files when building gem. [Sean Cribbs]
* Fix generated test and spec harnesses, convert core extensions to specs.
[Sean Cribbs]
* Cover edge case in Page spec. [Sean Cribbs]
* Increase coverage of helper, controller, and model specs. [Sean Cribbs]
* Correct some view and spec bugs. [Sean Cribbs]
* Added specs for view helpers. [Sean Cribbs]
* Use TH for fieldset tables and correct error in CSS. [skrat]
* Adjust admin links and r:breadcrumbs tag to deal with Rails site prefix.
[Sean Cribbs]
* Adjust tags to deal with Rails site prefix (relative_url_root).
[Sean Cribbs]
* Resolve issue with undefined method :view_paths in ActionMailer.
[Sean Cribbs]
* Fixed incompatibility with RubyGems >= 0.9.5 that broke radiant:freeze:gems
rake task. [Michael Klett]
* Fixed problem with the list of templates containing duplicates in the
db:bootstrap rake task when not running in instance mode. [John Long]
* Update Subversion URL so rake radiant:freeze:edge works. [John Long]
* Add AVLUX to list of links in Styled Blog template. [John Long]
* Fix Ruby 1.8.5 compatibility issue with Dir[]. [Sean Cribbs]
* Backup old environment.rb when copying new version. [Sean Cribbs]
* Fill out more controller specs. [Sean Cribbs]
* Fix Admin::PageController specs. [Sean Cribbs]
* Make autotest work. [Matthew Elder]
* Clean up cache files before running site_controller spec. [Matthew Elder]
* Add r:status tag. [Andrew O'Brien]
* Add ability to set publication date manually. [Nick Plante, Sean Cribbs]
* Remove blank nodes in r:navigation tag. [ben]
* Bubble up parsing exceptions in development mode. [jonleighton]
* Fix authorization system for controller inheritance [Josh French]
* Add 'nolinks' attribute to breadcrumbs tag. [abstractioneer]
* Fix fixtures for RSpec enabled extensions. [andreas]
* Generate extensions with RSpec support by default, fix rake and script/spec
in instance mode. [Andrew O'Brien]
* Support database templates in a Radiant instance. [Benny Degezelle]
* Make rake test:extensions work in instance mode. [Daniel Sheppard]
* Fix tests failing in instance mode with config.extensions set.
[Daniel Sheppard]
* Finished converting page_controller_test.rb to page_controller_spec.rb
[John Long]
* Completed converting user_controller_test.rb to user_controller_spec.rb
[John Long]
* Fix failing extension loading tests, remove irrelevant ones. [Sean Cribbs]
* Fix test:extensions Rake task. [Sean Cribbs]
* Prevent following the link that toggles visibility of meta items on page
edit. [Mislav Marohnić]
* Fix extension loader and previously failing unit tests; update specs.
[Mislav Marohnić]
* Fixed problem with response_cached? returning true when perform caching was
off; fixed failing spec. [John Long]
* Fixed issues with whitespace in page.rb. [John Long]
* Fix filtering in tag reference popup. [Mislav Marohnić]
* Updated rspec and rspec_on_rails. [John Long]
* Add more controller specs and a matcher for LoginSystem features.
[Sean Cribbs]
* Make all extensions loaded by default. [Sean Cribbs]
* Update extension loader spec. [Sean Cribbs]
* Work around a nasty issue with extensions + Dependencies unloading in
development mode. [Mislav Marohnić]
* Fix the tree expansion issue in admin interface (cookie-related). minor
cleanup server-side [Mislav Marohnić]
* Cleanup up the underscore layout hack by using method chain.
[Mislav Marohnić]
* Refactored initialization, extension loading, updated plugins. [Sean Cribbs]
* Fix SiteController#show_page for Rails 2.0. [Mislav Marohnić]
* Minor optimization for Page; remove the unneccessary 'virtual' accessor.
[Mislav Marohnić]
* Fix tests for PostgreSQL: comment out a test that breaks most of the specs
somehow. [Mislav Marohnić]
* Failures in initializer_spec.rb fixed [John Long]
* Failure in site_controller_spec.rb fixed. [John Long]
* The last test/unit failure is now fixed. [John Long]
* Failing tests in page_controller_test.rb fixed. [John Long]
* Error in response cache spec fixed. [Keeran Hawoldar]
* ActionController::Base.view_paths is now set correctly for extensions.
[John Long]
* Changed view extensions to ".html.erb" [John Long]
* Fixed content type test failures. [John Long]
* Fix page_test. [John Long]
* Updated environments. [John Long]
* Modify ApplicationController spec. [Loren Johnson]
* Modify SiteController spec. [Loren Johnson]
* Fix failing unit test for old type of logger. [Daniel Sheppard]
* Fix problems preventing script/console from running: acts_as_tree is now a
plugin, view_paths is now a core feature. [Daniel Sheppard]
* Upgrade to Rails 2.0.2 [Daniel Sheppard]
* Escape angle brackets to avoid assertion warnings in StandardTags.
[Sean Cribbs]
* Remove unused ConsoleUtils module and fix failing specs. [Sean Cribbs]
* Added standard_tags_spec.rb [John Long]
* Make sure all scenario pages have at least a body part. [Sean Cribbs]
* Added render matcher. [John Long]
* Modify pages scenario. [Loren Johnson]
* A beginning on the Application and Site controller specs. [Loren Johnson]
* Fix failing specs - use of before(:all) when before(:each) was needed
[Daniel Sheppard]
* Fix failing extension_load_order_test.rb [Daniel Sheppard]
* Don't load scenarios stuff unless using specs. [Sean Cribbs]
* Add initializer spec. [Sean Cribbs]
* Add extension loader spec and refactorings. [Sean Cribbs]
* Added user_spec.rb [John Long]
* Upgrade Rails to 1.2.6. [Sean Cribbs]
* Added user_action_observer_spec.rb [John Long]
* Removed duplicate load paths from environments/test.rb [John Long]
* Added text_filter_spec.rb [John Long]
* Added status_spec.rb [John Long]
* Added spec/models/snippet_spec.rb [John Long]
* Added response_cache_spec.rb [John Long]
* Small improvements to page_part_spec.rb [John Long]
* Remove duplicate specs and move Radiant::ExtensionMigrator? spec to proper
location. [Sean Cribbs]
* Fix admin.js to initialize TabControl even if there are no tabs.
[Benny Degezelle]
* Correct RenderTestHelper to better resemble expectations from Rails.
[Sean Cribbs]
* Add model specs and scenarios. [John Long]
* Modify script/spec to work in instance mode. [Andrew O'Brien]
* Add RSpec to load path in test environment. [Andrew O'Brien]
* Add specs for Radiant::Extension and Radiant::Taggable. [Sean Cribbs]
* Fixed admin CSS for IE6 - ugly borders begone! [Bjørn Arild Mæland]
* Fixed that homepage is no longer cached outside of cache dir, but to
"_site-root.data". [Bjørn Arild Mæland]
* Fix typo in pngfix.js. [Mislav Marohnić]
* Turn off auto-loading RSpec stuff, even in test environment.
[Mislav Marohnić]
* Add specs for Annotatable, InheritableClassAttributes, LocalTime,
MethodObserver, and Simpleton. [Sean Cribbs]
* Add spec for Radiant::AdminUI and Users scenario. [Sean Cribbs]
* Import and create boilerplate for RSpec and Scenarios. [Sean Cribbs]
* Honor config.extensions when running rake test:extensions and also include
core extensions. [Daniel Sheppard]
* Propagate global page when using <r:content /> with inherit attribute.
[Sean Cribbs]


We've worked hard to make it easy to install Radiant. For starters you
can download it with Ruby Gems:

% gem install --include-dependencies radiant

Once the Radiant gem is installed you have access to the `radiant`
command. The `radiant` command is similar to the `rails` command (if you
are from the Rails world. It's how you generate a new Radiant project
for a website. So `cd` to the directory where you would like your
instance to be installed and type:

% radiant -d [mysql|postgres|sqlite3] .

Next, edit config/database.yml to taste. Then run the rake bootstrap task:

% rake production db:bootstrap

And start up the test server:

% script/server -e production

Finally, hit the /admin/ URL and you should be off to the races. See the
README file in the release for additional details.

If you are interested in other download options, visit the download
page: http://radiantcms.org/download/.


1. Update the Radiant gem:

% gem update radiant

2. Change the RADIANT_GEM_VERSION constant in config/environment.rb
to "0.6.5".

3. Run the update rake task:

rake radiant:update

4. Run migrations:

rake db:migrate

6. Restart the server


The upgrade process changed significantly from last release, so listen
up! To upgrade an existing installation, BACKUP YOUR DATABASE, update
the gem, and create a new Radiant project using the instructions above.
Then point Radiant to the right database by editing config/database.yml
and execute the following command in your project directory:

% rake db:migrate

If you have problems during the upgrade, please let us know.


Radiant wouldn't be possible without the help of some fine people. The
following people have made contributions to this release:

* Adam Keyes * Marty Haught * xtoddx
* skrat * Michael Klett * Matthew Elder
* Nick Plante * ben * jonleighton
* Josh French * abstractioneer * andreas
* Keeran Hawoldar * Loren Johnson * Benny Degezelle
* John Long * Andrew O'Brien * Bjørn Arild Mæland
* Mislav Marohnić * Daniel Sheppard * Sean Cribbs

Thanks guys! If you'd like to hop on the development band wagon head on
over to our dev site (http://dev.radiantcms.org/).


The best place to get support is definitely on the Radiant mailing list.
There's a crowd of people there who have been hanging around for many
moons now. Newbie questions are welcome! To sign up, go to:


The Radiant mailing list is also accessible via Ruby forum: