Radiant 0.6.4 - Gem Shaper Release

Looks like it's time for another release of Radiant:


This release contains a few major changes as well as numerous bug-fixes and
enhancements. Included in the release are Rails 1.2.5, Prototype 1.6 and
script.aculo.us 1.8. Significant refactorings have been done to the
admin UI Javascripts, thanks to Mislav Marohnic. The release also provides
better support for MS SQL Server via Rails ticket/patch #8886 and stricter
XHTML compatibility.


Radiant is a no-fluff content management system made for designers and
programmers and is ideal for use on small teams. It is similar to
Movable Type or Textpattern, but is much more than a blogging engine.

Radiant features:

   * An elegant user interface
   * The ability to arrange pages in a hierarchy
   * Flexible templating with layouts, snippets, page parts, and a
     custom tagging language (Radius: http://radius.rubyforge.org)
   * A dynamic extension system
   * A simple user management/permissions system
   * Support for Markdown and Textile as well as traditional HTML
     (it's easy to create other filters)
   * Operates in two modes: dev and production depending on the URL
   * A caching system which expires pages every 5 minutes
   * Built using Ruby on Rails (which means that extending Radiant is
     as easy as any other Rails application)
   * Licensed under the MIT-License
   * And much more...

There's even a live demo over on the project Web site:



* Extract Archive pages into a core extension. Add automatic testing of core
  extensions from default test task. [Sean Cribbs]
* Add <r:if_children /> and <r:unless_children /> tags. [Andrew Neil]
* Add HTML labels to role checkboxes in user edit template. [zilkey]
* Cleanup whitespace and line-endings in environment.rb. [Bjorn Maeland]
* Fix various SQL Server issues via Rails ticket #8886. [Mark Gallop]
* Refactor locals from _node.rhtml into Admin::NodeHelper. [Sean Cribbs]
* Fix XHTML validation errors in view templates. [Bjorn Maeland]
* Update Prototype and script.aculo.us to 1.6 and 1.8 releases. [Sean Cribbs]
* Fix edge case in tabcontrol.js where tab label is incorrect. [Sean Cribbs]
* Remove duplication in admin.js. [Sean Cribbs]
* Factor TimeZone stuff out of Radiant::Config into a module, fix failing tests.
  [Sean Cribbs]
* Add has_part?, inherits_part?, and has_or_inherits_part? methods to Page.
* Allow setting of local timezone via Radiant::Config and
auto-adjustment of times
  in admin UI and <r:date /> tag. [Bodhi Philpot]
* Update to latest Prototype and script.aculo.us and refactor and
extract inline
  Javascript into external files. [Mislav Marohnic]
* Narrow scope of exception to only throw on missing fixture files, allowing
  invalid yaml errors through. [Daniel Sheppard]
* Added tests to ensure that response_cache stays within the cache dir.
  [Daniel Sheppard]
* Add assert_requires_login to LoginTestHelper. [Sean Cribbs]
* Make sure tag binding stack is popped when an exception occurs. [jay@jay.fm]
* Clean up some apparent cruft in page.rb [Daniel Sheppard]
* Add logout method to LoginTestHelper. [Sean Cribbs]
* Run single extension tests with rake test:extensions EXT=<extension_name>
  [Brian Skahan]
* Update Javascript libraries to Prototype 1.6.0_rc1 and script.aculo.us
  1.8.0_pre1. [Mislav Marohnic]
* Fixed <r:attempted_url /> tag to escape the uri [Daniel Sheppard]
* Allow parts to be accessed by name from Page#part before they are saved.
  [Sean Cribbs]
* Disambiguate namespace of ActionMailer::Part. [Sean Cribbs]
* Fix namespacing problem with ActionController::RoutingError. [Sean Cribbs]
* Update Rails to 1.2.5. [John Long]
* Ensured that the request and response are passed along to other pages that
  are rendered within the same context. [John Long]
* Added <r:if_dev /> and <r:unless_dev /> tags. [Peter Berkenbosch]
* Removed session stringification patch in test helper. [Sean Cribbs]
* Update Rails to 1.2.4. [Sean Cribbs]
* Add extensions paths to the standard $LOAD_PATH so requires work properly.
  [Sean Cribbs]
* Fixed some loading issues for plugins that are included in extensions.
  [Sean Cribbs]


We've worked hard to make it easy to install Radiant. For starters you
can download it with Ruby Gems:

% gem install --include-dependencies radiant

Once the Radiant gem is installed you have access to the `radiant`
command. The `radiant` command is similar to the `rails` command (if you
are from the Rails world. It's how you generate a new Radiant project
for a website. So `cd` to the directory where you would like your
instance to be installed and type:

% radiant -d [mysql|postgres|sqlite3] .

Next, edit config/database.yml to taste. Then run the rake bootstrap task:

% rake production db:bootstrap

And start up the test server:

% script/server -e production

Finally, hit the /admin/ URL and you should be off to the races. See the
README file in the release for additional details.

If you are interested in other download options, visit the download
page: http://radiantcms.org/download/.


1. Update the Radiant gem:

    % gem update radiant

2. Change the RADIANT_GEM_VERSION constant in config/environment.rb
    to "0.6.4".

3. Run the update rake task:

    rake radiant:update

4. Migrate the database (only necessary if upgrading from 0.6.2 or earlier):

    rake production db:migrate

5. Restart the server


The upgrade process changed significantly from last release, so listen
up! To upgrade an existing installation, BACKUP YOUR DATABASE, update
the gem, and create a new Radiant project using the instructions above.
Then point Radiant to the right database by editing config/database.yml
and execute the following command in your project directory:

% rake db:migrate

If you have problems during the upgrade, please let us know.


Radiant wouldn't be possible without the help of some fine people. The
following people have made contributions to this release:

Andrew Neil zilkey Mark Gallop
Bjorn Maeland ana Bodhi Philpot
jay@jay.fm Brian Skahan Mislav Marohnic
Daniel Sheppard John Long Peter Berkenbosch
Sean Cribbs

Thanks guys! If you'd like to hop on the development band wagon head on
over to our dev site (http://dev.radiantcms.org/).


The best place to get support is definitely on the Radiant mailing list.
There's a crowd of people there who have been hanging around for many
moons now. Newbie questions are welcome! To sign up, go to:


The Radiant mailing list is also accessible via Ruby forum: