Qustion about autocomplete


In a Rails application i use text_with_autocomplete helper.
My problem is in a Compose Message page :
Imagine a textfield, where i should type my email adresses : i can
type many emails separated by colon.
- in the view : <%=text_field_with_auto_complete("message", "to",
{:size =>90}, :skip_style => true) %>
- My controller action splits the received string that could be
'XXX@noorg.com, yo' , and does the search on the last string 'yo'
- The partial to show the list woould be then :
<li id="user_1">y...@noorg.com</li>
<li id="user_2">yoYYY@noorg.com</li>

My problem is now to append/replace in my text field the current value
before autocompletion ( '...@noorg.com, yo' ) by :
Imagine the selected value from the drop down list is
I'd like to split the textfield value, and replace the second string
'yo' by 'yoYYY@noorg.com', to have as a final result in the
textfield : 'XXX@noorg.com, yoYYY@noorg.com'

I tried :before_update_element but that doesn't work

Any help would be appreciated

Have a look at the :tokens option, see page 545 of the Agile.

-- fxn

Ok fine it works.. i didn't remember it was supported... Thanks for
the pointer in the book...