question about gems

Hi, i'm new to rails and made an app which used the restful
authentication gem for handling all my user accounts as there was
great documentation on the web for it.
Unfortunately my hosting service only supports gems listed here which doesn't contain the restful
authentication gem. It does however seem to list another user
authenticatoin gem. Unfortunately i can't find documentation for that
on the web. What is the best way to find docs on a gem before
installing? And if you could direct me to any docs on the
authentication gems listed on this website i would appreciate it.

I use the restful_authentication plugin. Since this is not a gem it
gets installed on the server with my apps. No need for the hosting
service to support it. This is why I prefer plugins over gems when

Since restful_authentication is purely a generator plugin you don't
even need to keep it around after you've generated what it generates.

I didn't realize that it was available as a gem I had to do some
googling and finally found this:

This seems even better than 'installing' restful_authentication as a
plugin since it lets the generator sit outside of and be used with all
of your rails projects.

And, it doesn't need to be on the server at all.

However, although Dr. Nic said that it would "soon be live on
Rubyforge" it doesn't seem to be there.