query performance boost

Quoting Ukrit Himakoon <rails-mailing-list@andreas-s.net>:

I've a table with structure like this:

id: int
field1: varchar(255)
field2: int(11)
field3: text
field4: text
field5: varchar(255)
field6: varchar(255)

assume that this table contains massive contents on field 3 and 4
So any way that I will be able to access this table quicker than my
current query?

And this is the way I'm access this table:

Table.find(:all, :include=> "relate_table")

Table.connection.select_row("SELECT * FROM table, relate_table
WHERE table.relate_table_id = relate_table.id")

Returns an array of strings. This is from memory. The function name
may not be quite correct.