Putting Rails on the Web Server

Can you put rails on a web server before you have written an
application? And how do you do it?

Thank you,

Yes, typically, `sudo gem install rails` would do it :slight_smile:

No, I mean putting it on the web host server. I use dreamhost @
www.codyewatson.com and I wanted to put it on there.

No, I mean putting it on the web host server. I use dreamhost @
www.codyewatson.com and I wanted to put it on there.

I don't know anything about "dreamhost" but AFAIK the same answer
still applies:

`sudo gem install rails`

What else do you think you need?

So do I just transfer the files on my web server?

What "files"? You use `gem` to install rails.

Are you actually talking about *deploying* an application that you've
created somewhere else? Because that's an entirely different matter.

Yes, I am talking about deploying it on the web server.

I just want to deploy a barebones application.

rails depot

Do you have the source code stored somewhere? like github or your own
subversion? You should have a look at capistrano as a deployer
application for your rails app.

Also what type of webserver/appserver is it that you are using?
Mongrel/Thin other?

Its at http://www.dreamhost.com on a Debian Linux server

? What is?

The question is: do you have an existing application that you want
to deploy? If so, where is that application's source code?

But as suggested, reading up on capistrano would probably be a
good start, along with googling 'rails deployment'.

If you’re using a shared hosting account, all the necessary
infrastructure should already be in place for you. See the wiki for
information about deployment.


you’re running a VPS, it’s not clear what’s installed out of the box,
so you’d need to check to see that Ruby, Rails and some deployment
platform are there. A quick check from the command line should tell
you everything you need to know. If you need a guide to setting up,
Slicehost did some good step-by-step walkthroughs for their customers.
I know you’re not on Slicehost, but the same principles should apply.




Hi Codye,

Take into account what Chris Kottom have said.

You just need to copy the Rails app into the server and point a link
to it (myapp/public).

Here is my HTML-CSS page: http://www.marcric.com/

And here is my Rails Page: http://www.mrpwp.marcric.com/

Both on DreamHost. A piece of cake.

All the best.