Project Management Tool with Git integration


looking for a project management tool which has Git (preferably Github) integration. I found BaseCamp which was acceptable tohether with CampFire and BackPack. Important to have time tracking and project status (which I couldn’t find in BaseCamp).

Is there anything out there which has Git integration + Chat integration?

Also it’s good if it has some contact info storage and MailChimp.

Does anyone here use this softwares? Are you satisfied with them? Can you give me suggestions please?



I've used Unfuddle which gives you a separate git repo but doesn't hook into github. It's not bad at all. I've also heard lots of good things about Pivotal tracker.

Re: time tracking and project status, check out add ons for basecamp. I'm not a big fan, but I know most of the stuff it doesn't offer can be added on using third party tools.

Contact info and mailchimp isn't something I've seen. Most systems will email you with info when tickets are updated, but none of them are designed for sending out group messages.

Other pm software to consider would be Mingle from ThoughtWorks and Version1 from Rally. Mingle is very flexible but takes some time to setup and some friends really like Version1.

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Zoltan Gero wrote in post #977077:

looking for a project management tool which has Git (preferably Github)

I use Redmine for that, with a bunch of plugins. No chat, but most of
the rest of what you wanted.


Do you want to run this tool on your own server?

A hosted service I used several times is Assembla (


Thanks, all your answer were very helpful, highly appriciated!