Progress OpenEdge and rails

Hi everyone,

I am starting a new project and the back-end database is a Progress OpenEdge db. Has anyone used ruby/rails with such a database. Are there any drivers that i can use to connect to OpenEdge?

Any input is appreciated.

Thank you


Oh gosh , where to begin!!!! The long and short of it is I have been trying for months to get it to work on Linux. I managed to get it to work on Windows with instant rails and the merant driver but its sllllloooow. Openedge comes up "Unsupported database " on linux but Progress 9.1E on linux has a chance if you can recompile the gcc lib file for the 9.1E merant driver. (Very very difficult as the gcc lib is the backbone of linux)

So far I have had little or no sucess and I think the answer is to try Jruby with the JDBC connection .. but good luck with that . I tried it and its just as bad.... Java has all its nice littel quirks like JAVA_PATH ect etc



Sorry must get my facts right . its glib not gcc thats the problem .

Have a look here of the windows/linux how to but like I said it only worked for me with windows


I got it to work on windows ... but man this is slowwwwww ....

I have a database on an OpenEdge 10.1C enviroment (hosted on a IBM UNIX box).

I am developing on a windows machine. Can you please advise how to connect to the openedge db; do i need to install a odbc driver? I installed the odbc-rails gem (following the steps described on the link you provided) and now i am stuck on what driver to use to create the dsn

Any input is appreciated.

Thank you

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