Programming partner wanted – sport interest beneficial


I’m a sports journalist that has spent 10 years working in the media
with half of that focusing on online sports media. I’ve recently
established a business and commenced mapping out a website system that
I would like to launch – it’s a sporting-related media outlet.

I’m looking for a Ruby/Rails programmer who would be interested in
receiving a stake in the business in return for their services
programming the website. The original creation of the website will be
the selected person’s main contribution, with some – minor – ongoing
technical support and occasional development also required.

The system you would be designing will be used as a platform for
multiple websites which will be operated by the business. The plan is
to develop the core system I have in mind, then customise the platform
for the unique aspects and quirks of each website.

The platform will require core editorial features such as news,
features, photos and videos posting abilities, event calendars,
championship results/running points standings and a reviews system
which also allows user feedback. The forum system would like be PhpBB
based, so will only require CSS changes and integration (which I will
likely do). The news, features, photos, videos and event reports/
results forms of content must all have the option of being user
generated – however administrator approval will be required before any
are displayed.

I have a comprehensive idea of the requirements of the website and how
each section of the website will work with one another. What I don’t
have is the knowledge of programming platform – which I’m told is very
good. My programming knowledge is primarily PHP/MySQL, at a moderate
level however I know I don’t have the type of brain required to
program at the level I would need to be able to build a website that
can handle being successful – so instead of doing it half-arsed I’d
rather bring someone onboard to share in on the project.

Anyone interested? Drop me an e-mail at