Looking for a Rails programmer.

I have a website, www.ourgolfscores.com that is hosted on textdrive.
The entire system is built but the programmer I did have is in South
Africa and is busy with a new full time job so I need to find a
programmer, (preferably closer) who can commit to some real time for a
while and then a little now and then for updates and such. I'm not a
programmer. I do know HTML and the basics of programming. I did work
in Cold Fusion many years ago. I am the co owner of the company and
site. I do the communication with the programmer and the HTML and
hire graphics people when we need them.

I need someone who is willing to work with me, not to teach me Rails,
(don't want to know any more than I need) but show me how to commit
correctly, deploy and such. At least I know the words. [grin] This
would be an hourly wage deal and can put money in the mail or transfer
to your account as soon as work is done.

Please contact me with question or interest. Only serious response
wanted. I'm running a bit late for the golf season and need to get
things going very quickly.

John Earl