Problems with jRails and ajax helpers

Brent Collier wrote:

I working on a Rails 2.2.2 app that uses jRails and any time I attempt
to use a Rails ajax helper, I get the following error:

index 116545 out of string

with this stack trace:

vendor/plugins/jrails/lib/jrails.rb:197:in `[]='
vendor/plugins/jrails/lib/jrails.rb:197:in `build_callbacks'
vendor/plugins/jrails/lib/jrails.rb:119:in `options_for_ajax'
vendor/plugins/jrails/lib/jrails.rb:51:in `remote_function'

I verified that the no conflict snippet is included in the application
layout, and all libraries are up to date.

Does anyone have any idea what the problem might be?

What's on line 197? I don't get a string with a []=, so I might have a different version. Whatever it is, you might debug and monkey-patch it, then submit the patch.

The authors of jrails.rb deserve to have this question on their mailing list or home forum...