Problems with ajax in Rails 3

Dear all:      I'm new to Rails and I've encountered some problems with ajax in Rails 3. My project is on a Ubuntu 10.04 LTS machine with ruby v1.8.7 and rails v3.0.0.

I've changed my rails.js file according to :

and also changed my javascript_include_tag to these three paths:

  1.""   2.""   3."rails.js"

Everything works just fine except a controller with a ssh connection behavior.

In my malfunctioned controller:

def remoteStatus     @ip = params[:server][:ip]     @sshid = params[:server][:sshid]     @sshpass = params[:server][:sshpass]     Net::SSH.start(@ip, @sshid, :password => @sshpass) do |   session.exec!("free | awk 'NR==2 {print rate = $3/$2*100}'") do

channel, stream, data|

            @memusage = data   end     end     respond_to do |format|         format.js     end end

In the remoteStatus.js.erb I have:


I am pretty sure that I can have the ssh connection result in variable @memusage. But it seems that it never appends to the status_div block in the corresponding view. I'm wondering if I am missing something detailed. Can anyone help me here,please and thanks!

Best regards