problems with ajax form

Hi everyone! A few days I can't resolve a task. I want to build a single
page app without any page refresh. So I have a button 'Add', onclick it
inserts in a DOM a simple remote:true form and when I try to submit this
form - nothing happens BUT if i refresh the page - it works. Guess some
handler is absent but not sure. Advise please. Here's my form
<%= form_tag(:add_task, method: 'post', remote: true) do %>
              <span class="glyphicon glyphicon-plus"></span>
              <%= text_field(:task,:project_id,type: 'hidden',value:>
              <%= text_field(:task,:name,class: 'form-control
task_field', placeholder: 'Start typing here to create a task...')%>
              <%= button_tag('Add task',class:'btn btn-add_task') %>
        <% end %>

The first thing to do is to look in development.log and see if it
submitting correctly.


already checked. nothing written in the log

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I presume that you mean that when you press the button absolutely
nothing happens at the server. In that case your submit button is not

I notice that you seem to have a form that is a single row in a table,
that is not valid html. A form can wrap a complete table or exist
within a cell, but not wrap part of a table. That may or may not be
the problem you are seeing, but you must fix that first. Even if it
appeared to work it may not work in a different browser or a different
version of the same browser.


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