Problem with set-cookie?

Hello everyone,

I'm a beginner in Ruby on Rails and I have a little problem when I
update my application RoR in my server. Can you help me please?

My problem is:

When I code my application in my computer: It's ok.
When I update my application in my server I have a "bug" with cookies.

When a user come in my website for the first time, I initialize some
cookies. But in my server I have a message in my page and the cookies
isn't initialize:

Set-Cookie: boite=1-2; path=/ Set-Cookie:
path=/; HttpOnly

It's working perfectly in my computer and I searched the problem in
different place but no result :frowning:

My version of rails is 2.3.2.

A fragment of my code where I initialize the cookies:

In welcome_controller.rb
# 3 # Dans le cas où j'ai ni cookie, et que je suis pas loggué
boite = Box.find( :all,
:conditions => "capsules.admin = '1' && boxes.user_id = '0'",
:order => 'position',
:group => 'capsule_id',
:joins => "inner join capsules on boxes.capsule_id =" )
@box = boite

# Pour créer les starters et les closers
@number = 8 - boite.length

# Initialisation des cookies
cookies[:user] = 'mileva'
cookie_text = ""
j = 0
for box in boite
if(j >= 1)
cookie_text = cookie_text + "-"
cookie_text = cookie_text +
j = j + 1

cookies[:boite] = cookie_text

You can see the error in (Warning, if you don't visit for
the first time, you have to clear your cookies)

Thank you and Have fun


Your server is running an old version of Passenger (2.0.6); this is a
known issue with that version and Rails 2.3.2. Upgrading to the latest
Passenger will fix it.

--Matt Jones