Problem with nested shallow in admin namespace

Hi all.

I have admin namespace with project resource connected to it ( as
written in code below ). I need only to access blocks/sections/menus
( which are all connected to projects in admin namespace ) via project
( for example admin/projects/1/menu/1 ).

I thought about shallow => true to make my life easier. and wrote
something like this :

  map.namespace :admin do |admin|
     admin.resources :projects, :shallow => true, :has_many =>
[:blocks, :sections, :menus] , :has_one => [ :language, :skin ]

( i assume there is something wrong )

Desire is that i will have access to /admin/projects/1/menus/1 via /

how can i define it correctly ( i mean routes code ) ?

Right now i got error :

Showing app/views/admin/projects/index.html.erb where line #24 raised:
undefined method `admin_project_path' for #<ActionView::Base:

I assume if i define shallow => true that i have still possibility to
write admin_project_menu path to get what i want ( if im wrong and
there is only menus_path helper please tell me )

One more thing is that : normally with /admin/projects/2/menus i can
just write @project = params[:project_id] in menu_controller
index_method and i will happily have access in menu_index_view to
project ( which is parent of that menus in index ). How can i do it
with shallow option if i have only admin/menus/ ??

Thank you for help !