Namespaces - 2 times admin in path

Hello folks,

I have a problem with nested namespaces route and can't figure what to do. (I hate this clouse :slight_smile: )

Let's say I have (for better understanding) posts => inv_ocenas comments => inv_ocena_posts

I am in the form for editing inv_ocena. At the bottom I have table with all correspondig inv_ocena_posts. When I try to add new inv_ocena_posts, the correct url is generated ("http://localhost:3000/admin/inv_ocenas/2/inv_ocena_posts/new"\), but the form for adding new "inv_ocena_posts" is not opened. I get error "NoMethodError in Admin/inv_ocena_posts#new".

As I can see, the problem is in wrong generated path for add-ing new inv_ocena_posts "admin_inv_ocena_admin_inv_ocena_posts_path" <-- admin is present 2 times in path!! It should generate "admin_inv_ocena_inv_ocena_posts_path"

By the book it should work ... (It'll also create admin_product_tags_url pointing to "admin/products/ #{product_id}/tags", which will look for Admin::TagsController.)

I google a lot, but can't find what I am missing here ... please help :wink: