Problem with magic muticonnections

Hi all,

   I am using magic multi-connections for the database connectivity of
two application..I can find the records for the other table but I am
getting the error if the table name in both the database is same..

I have two databases and I have users table in both the database and i
tried to fire simple query in development environment.

    @users = DevelopmentClone1::User.find(:all)
  But I am getting the following error..

NameError (uninitialized constant User::Newslettersubscription):
  app/controllers/home_controller.rb:46:in `index'

And if I fire the query "@events = DevelopmentClone1::Event.find(:all)"
then it works fine.

So whats the problem that I can't understand..

So can any one please help me for this??

Thanks in advance,
Preksha Patel.