Problem with full_original_filename

Problem with full_original_filename.

I am upgrading from rails 1.1.6 to 2.3.2.

View has:
<%= file_column_field 'gallery', 'filename', :size => 100 %>

Controller has:
upload_dir = params[:gallery][:filename].full_original_filename

Works fine in production which is rails 1.1.6.

In development (rails 2.3.2) I get:
NoMethodError (undefined method `full_original_filename' for #<File:/
  /usr/local/lib/ruby/1.8/delegate.rb:268:in `method_missing'
  app/controllers/galleries_controller.rb:238:in `upload_dir_name'
  app/controllers/galleries_controller.rb:31:in `create'

Any help would be appreciated. This is the last problem I am having
with the upgrade.

Any kind of idea/help would be appreciated. I am stuck.

Try using .path rather than .full_original_filename; looks like the
API was changed at some point.

--Matt Jones

Thanks, Matt.
In rails 1.1.6, when I print to the log “params[:gallery]
[:filename].full_original_filename”, I get:
C:\Documents and Settings\sultan\My Documents\Gallery\test

In rails 2.3.2, when I print to “params[:gallery][:filename].path”, I

I really need the windows full path name, so that I can upload all the
images in that directory (after I strip off the first file name).

I'm not sure what you mean by this - you can't upload files that the
user hasn't sent to you. In fact, the "full path" you're getting in
1.1.6 is a bug, caused by IE not sending the correct uploaded
filename. You'll probably need to look into the other multiple-file
upload plugins that are available.

--Matt Jones

The user clicks on any one file in the directory from which all the
images are to be uploaded. Once I extract the directory name, I go
back to the directory and perform a loop and upload each image file
into the photo gallery.
I know this only works in IE. This is a intranet application and the
clients only use IE.

Is there no way now to get the windows full path name?
What plugins would you recommend?

I don't think there's any way to get what you're looking for now; the
multipart-form-data parser now works around the incorrect data being
(reliably) resolve a C: reference?

Some links to check out for multiple-file upload (the most popular
method is SWFUpload):

The SWFUpload Flash part is open-source, so it should be relatively
straightforward to modify it to behave like you want (pick one file,
queue all the files in that directory).

--Matt Jones

Actually it's not the C: drive, it's a common drive accessible by
Thank you for your suggestion. As a first step I am going to create a
text field and copy paste the file path from the file filed into this
field. The second step would be to copy the information from the file
field to the new field by a javascript module.