Problem with file_column

I'm having a problem with file_column running in mongrel in Windows
2003. My app runs perfectly but, when I try to upload a picture, this
message is shown:

c:/ruby/bin/mongrel_rails: No such file or directory - file -bi

When I check if the picture was uploaded, it is there.

The problem is that the name of the picture is not updated in my

Have you guys had any problem like that?


does anybody have a good experience with a CRM system written in ROR
that could be used instead of vtiger?

Best regards


Funny you should ask… I’m currently working on an open source business management (CRM, document management, accounting) application built on Ruby on Rails. It’s called Journey Business Management. Expecting a release within the next month or so with basic functionality.

Inquire if you’d like to help with development, interesting in using, or just want to know more…

I've just found an alternative solution by taking file_column away and
use paperclip instead.

Rafael Oshiro wrote: