newbie file_column question

Hi everyone. I'm running my rails app in a directory. I access it like

The problem is now when I use file_column's url_for_file_column, it
includes the railsapp directory at the beginning. ex:

That means the URL that comes out in the source looks something like
this: /railsapp/railsapp/path/to/file :frowning:

How do I fix this?


Hi Ramon,

How do I fix this?

There will be no further development for file_column any more,
Sebastian has no more time.

Perhaps you want to try uploadcolumn
( instead, is has more features,
too :slight_smile:


Thank you, will definitely do that :slight_smile:

I tried installing it but I get the same problem as this guy:

So, I downloaded it and just put it in my plugins directory.. but when
I book WEBrick, it just crashes with some errors :o

I'm looking for an alternative now.