filecolumn and changing the root path

Hi there,

I just deployed my application for the first time and run into n problem with file_column.

Everytime I deploy my app all images are getting deleted.

Well. OK, so I created a directory called uploads APP/shared/system/uplods and linked it to APP/current/public/uploads

Then, I changed th root_path of file_column like this:

file_column :image , :magick => { :versions => { "thumb" => "150x150"}}, :root_path => File.join(RAILS_ROOT, "public", "uploads")

The images are getting uploaded in this directory correctly but are not getting displayed !

url_for_file_column("adimage", "image","thumb") gives me:


but it has to be !!!

the /uploads/ is missing

Does anyone know how I can tell file_column to append me this directory in front of it's image url ??