Problem with basic routing

Hi everybody!

I am new in the RoR world and I'm currently following the step by step tutorial for creating the basic "hello, Rails" stuff. Everything goes well till I try to display the page through the server. Apparently, I have to go to "http://webserver:3000/home/index to see the page, but the URL doesn't seem to exist.

Here is what you should know : I am using a production server on a remote machine, and I set up the httpd.conf file to go straight to the "Welcome aboard" page when I use the URL "http://webserver:3000/"\. This page works fine, but the controller doesn't seem to understand what I mean by "home/index". Where does that come from? Do I miss something in a config file or what?

Thank you.

how did you run it ?

I guess you not used this commend : rake db:migrate RAILS_ENV=“test”

The app folder is located on the server machine, in /usr/local (this is a Fedora installation). I have a root access to the server, but it has been running for 2 or 3 weeks and I don't know exactly how (a system team handles it). After modifying the httpd.conf, I reloaded the server and it seems to work fine since I am well redirected to the "Welcome aboard" page.

  Something I should have pointed out : the tutorial uses a default web server provided with Rails I believe (Mongrel). But I am using an Apache server on the remote machine. Maybe it doesn't know how to redirect to "http:/webserver/home/index" (you should know that the directory "home/index" does not exist, the page I'm trying to reach is "app/views/home/index.html.erb", but the tutorial proceeds that way). And so you know, I can't even access to the page using the regular URL (the app/views one).

maybe the config is errored

this article maybe help you