Basic Routes

I am trying to replace the default homepage (public/index.html) to one
of my controllers.

I deleted the file in 'public/index.html' created a controller called
'site' and added this line to my 'routes.rb' file...

map.connect '', :controller => 'site', :action => 'index'

But when I go to my root URL ‘’ I get a 404
error. I tested my controller by going to ‘
site’ and ‘’ and it works fine,
and displays the correct page.

Any ideas why the routing isn't working? This seems like this is very
basic, and should be a piece of cake.

-Adam D.

It was working all along. I didn't realize you have to restart the
application after every change.

-Adam D.

You don't have to restart the server after every change, but you do
have to restart if you change routing.