problem with acts_as_versioned

Hi all,
I get the following error when trying to use acts_as_versioned plugin:

uninitialized constant

How can I solve this?
Rafael Roque

The name of the class is ActiveSupport::Inflector now, you'll have to
change the reference on the plugin.

Get inside the plugin code, look for where Inflector is being used and
change it to ActiveSupport::Inflector.

First check that the plugin doesn't have a more recent version.
I'm using it in a Rails 2.3.2 project fine (but I can't remember if I
patched it myself or not)

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Browsing through the acts_as_versioned.rb file I found the following:

self.versioned_table_name = options[:table_name] ||

Is it what I must change?

That same line in my version is:
self.versioned_table_name = options[:table_name] ||

I think you are using an old version and should upgrade

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Damn it.It worked!! :slight_smile:

Thanks Mauricio and Andrew.