Problem viewing my hello world app


I've created a hello world app that i want to view but i get
CGI::Session::CookieStore::TamperedWithCookie error in the browser when
i run it. I copied everything in my browswer below and I've also listed
the steps I took in creating the hello world.

My steps:

1. rails hello
2. generated a controller: ./script/generate controller salutation
3. created an action by modifying salutation_controller.rb file in
app/controller dir.
class SalutationController < ApplicationController
  def hello
    @message = 'hello world!'
4. created an rhtml template in app/view/salutation/ called hello.rhtml
using code below:
    <h1><%= @message %></h1>
5. typed http://localhost:3000/salutation/hello in firefox 3.0.4

I'm using ubunut 8.10 and rails 2.2.2 and i had webrick running with
server/script command.

That's usually an indication that the cookie associated with the
localhost session (in your case it will have a name like
"_hello_session") is different from the one your current session is
trying to create.

Use the firefox->preferences->privacy->show cookies to remove the
localhost cookie and reload the page.